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Your Art Class with Ms.Touzet


Q & A about my favorite past time.

Q: What is a MeDoodle?

A:  A MeDoodle is a term for a small spontaneous drawing created in a few minutes without thought or reason.  It is a drawing that comes from the unconscious mind.  It taps into the deep recesses of your brain and it allows you to release your creativity without judgement and care.   


Q: I’ve heard of a doodle, but not a MeDoodle.

A:  MeDoodle is a term that your teacher created for her students so they would realize that doodling is actually “Me time”.  A MeDoodle is a pure fun exercise  for the joy of drawing.  In other words, drawings for fun and that’s it.


Q: Is a MeDoodle a graded assignment?

A:  NO, a MeDoodle is a drawing exercise that primes you up for creating other art works. You are expected to do it as part of your class participation.


Q: Can a MeDoodle be considered art?

A:  Yes! It is the most personal and intimate form of art.  It is something that only you see, although you can share it with others if you like.


Q: Can I hang a MeDoodle on a wall? 

A:  You probably won’t want to, although some of your MeDoodles  might  make beautiful paintings if you enlarged them and painted them with acrylics or oil.  Some MeDoodles are pretty all by themselves. Some MeDoodles might make you wonder what was in your head that day.  No matter how you look at them, all MeDoodles are fun to draw.


Q: Have I drawn MeDoodles’ before?

A:  YES! Everybody that ever held a pen or pencil has drawn a MeDoodle.  You just never knew what it was. Now you know!


Q: Does a MeDoodle have a purpose?

A:  Yes! Research shows that this type of drawing can help relieve stress and may actually help you focus while listening in class.  So, go ahead and MeDoodle while you listen to your teachers.  Tell them I told you that its good for your Focusing skills.


Q: Do you have to draw MeDoodles?

A:  Well, I hope that you will want to, but if you don’t think that you will want to, try it anyway.  I bet that you will like to MeDoodle.  In addition we will use MeDoodles for inspiration for future works of art that you will create.


Q: How do you draw a MeDoodle?

A:  Pick up a pen or pencil and any piece of paper or carboard and start making lines, shapes, squiggles, anything you want.  Just don’t think about what you are doing. (That’s the key.) You can MeDoodle while talking on the phone even.


Q: Will we MeDoodle in class?

A:  Yes! As soon as you log into my class and while I am taking roll.

You can even MeDoodle while we are Zooming.  Just make sure to also pay attention to the Zooming.


Q: Should I save the MeDoodles I created in class?

A:  YES! Every single one of them.  Tape or glue them unto a paper and place them either on a sketch book, notebook or binder.


   Remember to sign your name.  You may be famous one day!

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