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Upload Art

Follow these instructions to upload your art to MIcrosoft Teams in your student Portal.


1. Take your art work and place it horizontally or vertically on the floor. Make sure you are standing in a well lit room and you are not casting a shadow on your art work.

2.  Stand over the work and point your phone so that your lens is  facing down and it is pointing  directly towards the  top of the art work.

3.  Align the art work on your phone screen so that only the work shows and there is very little background showing. 

4.  Try not to shake the phone while taking the picture.

Take your picture.

5. Send your picture to your computer via blue tooth or email.

6. Save your photo to a file labeled art work for Ms. Touzet.

7. Name your photo like this:

  Your Period Number, Last Name, First Name. Project Number.jpeg


  For Example:


8. After you have named your file, Log in to your student portal, click on Office 365. There you will find Microsoft Teams.  Look for your art class and log in.  Once in your class, find the assignment tab and upload your art work.

9.  Later on in the nine weeks, you will be asked to submit in the Remind App as well, but don't worry about that now.

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