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Sign in times

Period 1 & 2----- Sign in at 8:30 am  ----  late at 8:40 am

Period 3 & 4----- Sign in at 10:15 am   ----  late at 10:25 am

Period 5 & 6----- Sign in at 12:30 pm  ----  late at 12:40 pm

Period 7 & 8----- Sign in at 2:00 pm   ----  late at 2: 10 pm


ZOOM Times are exact! DO NOT BE LATE!

Period 1 & 2----- Zoom in at 9:00 am 

Period 3 & 4----- Zoom in at 10:45 am  

Period 5 & 6----- Zoom in at 1:00 pm 

Period 7 & 8----- Zoom in at 2:30 pm  

TEAMS: Daily Attendance will be taken through the TEAMS App.

Starting Thursday Sept. 10, 2020,

the teacher will take attendance when the student signs into TEAMS.

The teacher will get a daily report of the time the student signed into TEAMS.

All students are expected to sign into Teams at the beginning of the period.   Sign in times are posted in Teams and

If you have signed into TEAMS by the assigned time, you will be marked present.  If you have not signed in by the assigned time, you will be marked absent.

Please NOTE: If you are more than five minutes late to sign into TEAMS or if you are absent from class, you must fill out the Absent/late form found on TEAMS. Upload the note after one of your parents has signed it.

The Note should be written as follows. (You will find the form in TEAMS)

Instructions: Fill out form, print form, have your parent sign the form, then you will photograph the form and upload into TEAMS.


Absent Date:____/_______/ 2020                       If Tardy, Time of Tardy:  _____________  

Last Name,_____________________________ First Name,__________________ Student ID _____________Grade____

Class Period ____________

Name of parent:  __________________________________ Parent phone number______________________

Signature of Parent_________________________________

Reason for Tardy/Absence

 If you are planning to be tardy or absent numerous times, make sure to make copies ahead of time.

Once on teams, read the daily assignment and begin working on that assignment.



We will meet on Zoom at the assigned Zoom time every day during your class period.

On days that we do not have Zoom, you will be notified ahead of time either in class or on Remind.

Remember that ZOOM is a class grade starting the second week of school.


Everyone must be enrolled in Remind.

Look for the remind code on your gradebook tabs.

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